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It’s important to properly start your business from the start. That’s why a fast website using cloud computing is necessary.

Let’s face it. You can’t have an internet-based business if you have a bad connection to the web.

A slow connection or in other words slow web hosting means missing out on potential customers, interactions, and even on missed orders (sales) if you’re selling online.

What is Web Hosting?

Unless you own your own web hosting server (which is expensive to purchase and maintain) you need to have your website hosted on a server.

Essentially, you pay to have your website and all its contents (layouts, pages, images, etc.) hosted on a server, so that others can see it.

Can I Have A Website Without Web Hosting?

NO. Every website you have ever visited was hosted somewhere

What Is a Domain Name?

A domain name is what you type into the address bar to go to a website.

Think of it as a registered address of your web hosting service that hosts your website.

Your website (domain) point to its own IP address, which is a series of numbers separated by dots.

You can go to a website by typing its IP address, but those are hard to remember. Domains make it easy to remember where to find a website.

They accomplish this by using words instead of numbers. That is why it is important to choose one that is easy to remember!

What is the Cloud?

Many people are confused with the term “the cloud”.

“The cloud” refers to the internet or any software/service that runs on the internet, and is not locally on your computer.

Examples include Web Hosting, Google Docs and Dropbox, where your photos and documents are not stored locally.

Those programs that are installed on your computer are not part of the cloud.

Examples of this include iTunes and Internet Explorer, since you had to download them first and then install them on your computer.

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Cloud Computing has many benefits. It enables you to save space on your machine by storing documents, pictures, and other files in the cloud.

There are many cloud-based computing services that offer the capabilities of very powerful programs, even if your computer isn’t high-end. That website you built? That’s in the cloud, too under web hosting services.

Let our web experts assist you with cost effective cloud/ hosting solutions. We offer a free consultation. Contact us.

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Build A Website On A Budget
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Build a Beautiful Website on a Budget

Once you have all your web essentials together, remember that the most important thing is sales. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you can generate if that traffic generates no sales.

It may be tempting to create a beautiful, complicated, unique design for your store. You may want to spend money on fancy widgets, a custom template, and all the bells and whistles. However, the best thing to do is keep it as simple as possible.

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Online Success

What it Takes to Succeed as an Online Business

A slow connection could mean missing out on customer questions, interaction, and even orders. Another question is if you are selling one particular big-ticket item, or a large amount of items.

Try to keep all your items to a single theme or niche. You could build a shop selling one particular vanity, or a shop selling vanities and popular vanity accessories, but always make sure it fits a theme.

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