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How Do I Start Selling Online with No Risk?

One convenient option for a new E-Commerce business is to use drop shipping. This is an extremely popular business model which eliminates the need to keep physical inventory. Think of yourself as an E-Commerce middleman between the consumer and supplier. Essentially, you create the website, market the product, and sell to customers. Orders get sent to the supplier, who then ships the order on your behalf to the customer. The benefit? You receive the lion’s share of the profits!

Mistakes you must never make!

Never give the wrong product description or list the wrong price!

Product Research VS. Search Online

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Pricing for E-Commerce is science: If people appreciate your service and find it easy to use your website, they may not mind paying a bit more for the same product. Sometimes, if you sell items too cheap, customers suspect that the items are used, damaged, or returned.

That is why pricing is such a science. You do not want to price the items too high so that no one wants to buy it. But you also need to make sure that you are still making a profit.

It Is Critical to Name Your Products Correctly

As we noted in this page, once customers have found the product they want on some E-Commerce website, they usually end up researching the product further.

Your number one goal is online visibility! That is why it is important that you name your products exactly as the competition is naming them.

E-Commerce: Shine Above the Competition

  • You are limiting your efficiency when you spend time creating catchy titles. Use the same product names as your competition (when you are both selling the same identical product).
  • Product descriptions are where you include target keywords on your E-Commerce back end system.
  • Be careful! While using identical product name is acceptable, search engines will know if you copy paste descriptions, and you will rank lower in search rankings.
  • The best method is to pay an expert to write original descriptions and general content. This will also eliminate the problems of plagiarism.
  • Items should contain pictures of what you are selling. The main picture must be of the specific product.
  • Be careful when using images that are not yours. Make sure that you are following appropriate usage rights.
  • When you start out, it is fine to use available stock images. Eventually, it is a good idea to take a professional image yourself, or to hire someone to do it for you.
  • Promote and advertise your online business. Learn what is the difference between SEO vs. PPC.

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Build A Website On A Budget
Web Budget

Build a Beautiful Website on a Budget

Once you have all your web essentials together, remember that the most important thing is sales. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you can generate if that traffic generates no sales.

It may be tempting to create a beautiful, complicated, unique design for your store. You may want to spend money on fancy widgets, a custom template, and all the bells and whistles. However, the best thing to do is keep it as simple as possible.

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Online Success

What it Takes to Succeed as an Online Business

A slow connection could mean missing out on customer questions, interaction, and even orders. Another question is if you are selling one particular big-ticket item, or a large amount of items.

Try to keep all your items to a single theme or niche. You could build a shop selling one particular vanity, or a shop selling vanities and popular vanity accessories, but always make sure it fits a theme.

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