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At XPRiWEB™ Intelligent WEB & SEO we make sure that everything on your website is optimized from the very beginning.

Icons, headers, fonts, and colors must be consistent across all your platforms.Your messaging and company policies must also be consistent. Your entire team needs to be on the same page as far as mission statement, tone, and overall messaging.

If a customer asks the same question about your products/services on Facebook and Twitter and gets two different answers, you have a customer service policy problem.

Web marketing best practice: Keep Up to Date

Make sure that all information and content are thorough and complete, and that you update old content and plugins. All online profiles need to be optimized with the most effective keywords for that platform.

We have all heard the expression:

“If You Build It, They Will Come”

....Unfortunately, that is not how it works with online business. hence, web marketing comes to play

There is fierce competition, and you want your business to stand out from your competitors.

This is where effective web marketing plan comes in.

Fortunately, our expert team can develop affordable custom automation solutions capable of handling marketing tasks, such as updating your Facebook page every time you add a new post to your website.

The Impact of Social Media: Social Media 101

Basic web marketing should include:

  • A Facebook business page that is regularly updated with paid ads.
  • An Instagram account with paid ads
  • Regular pinning to Pinterest from a company profile.

Studying the Competition

The basics of web marketing is to know who your competitors are, to understand why certain customers may choose their services over yours. This is important because people have unlimited options to shop online. Our web marketing expert team monitors which social media accounts your competitors utilizes and analyzes their most effective keywords. This lets us know where their traffic comes from.

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Build A Website On A Budget
Web Budget

Build a Beautiful Website on a Budget

Once you have all your web essentials together, remember that the most important thing is sales. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you can generate if that traffic generates no sales.

It may be tempting to create a beautiful, complicated, unique design for your store. You may want to spend money on fancy widgets, a custom template, and all the bells and whistles. However, the best thing to do is keep it as simple as possible.

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XPR Intelligent WEB & SEO
Online Success

What it Takes to Succeed as an Online Business

A slow connection could mean missing out on customer questions, interaction, and even orders. Another question is if you are selling one particular big-ticket item, or a large amount of items.

Try to keep all your items to a single theme or niche. You could build a shop selling one particular vanity, or a shop selling vanities and popular vanity accessories, but always make sure it fits a theme.

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