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Pre-Project SEO Preparation

& Monthly SEO/Content/Maintenance Plans

Pre-Project SEO Preparation Plan

Duration: 3-4 weeks

Cost: From 1500 Euro (one time) per website

Initial Review of Website and Evaluation of Content and Media Structure
  • Evaluate site architecture for ease of navigation.
  • Ensure logical hierarchy of pages and proper URL structuring.
  • Assess the relevance and quality of content.
  • Identify content gaps and opportunities for new content.
  • Evaluate the use of images, videos, and other media.
  • Ensure all media are optimized for SEO (alt tags, file names).
  • Review overall user experience and design.
  • Ensure mobile-friendliness and responsive design.
  • Analyze internal linking strategy for improved SEO.
Technical Review
  • Identify and fix broken internal and external links.
  • Ensure the site has a healthy backlink profile.
  • Conduct a site speed analysis.
  • Optimize for faster loading times.
  • Ensure the website is fully optimized for mobile devices.
  • Verify that the site is secure (HTTPS).
  • Ensure proper use of robots.txt and sitemap.xml.
  • Check for any crawl errors in Google Search Console.
  • Identify and fix duplicate content issues.
  • Ensure there are no thin content pages.
Code Review and Connectivity to Analytics, Console, Visitors Insights, etc.
  • Verify Google Analytics setup and accuracy.
  • Ensure goal tracking and conversion tracking are correctly implemented.
  • Ensure the site is connected to Google Search Console.
  • Regularly monitor Search Console for issues and performance insights.
  • Analyze visitor behavior data (bounce rate, session duration, etc.).
  • Identify top-performing and underperforming pages.
  • Ensure correct use of meta tags, schema markup, and other on-page SEO elements.
SEO Positioning Locally in Targeted Area
  • Optimize Google My Business listing.
  • Ensure NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency across all local directories.
  • Generate local backlinks and citations.
  • Monitor and analyze keyword positions for local search queries.
  • Identify opportunities to improve local keyword rankings.
SEO Search Terms
  • Evaluate impressions and clicks for search terms in PPC campaigns.
  • Identify high-converting keywords.
  • Analyze search terms bringing traffic and conversions.
  • Conduct thorough keyword research to identify new opportunities.
  • Focus on long-tail keywords for niche targeting.
  • Optimize existing content for identified keywords.
  • Create new content targeting high-potential keywords.
General Items
  • Identify and optimize large images for faster loading times.
  • Detect and remove any duplicate content.
  • Ensure all content is original and provides value.
  • Identify and optimize content that is not fully optimized.
  • Ensure proper use of headings, keywords, and meta descriptions.
  • Eliminate redundant content.
  • Consolidate similar content to avoid dilution of SEO value.
After research, analysis, and evaluation, project preparation actions are taken on a monthly maintenance basis.
Action items:

Monthly SEO/Content/Maintenance Plan

Monthly Subscription: From 329 Euro per website

Post Initialization of Project Action Items on Monthly Basis
We may address some or all tasks and other relevant tasks as they become relevant on the fly
  • Connecting to all analytical/statistical tracking.
  • Connecting to our proprietary analyzer and tracker.
  • Provide unique reports on the data including search console.
  • Providing visuals of keyword status and strength over a period.
  • Monitoring website performance.
  • Creating/editing/updating LinkedIn profiles and company pages.
  • Creating and posting articles, posts, and media on available channels.
  • Address all identified technical issues such as broken links, site speed, and mobile optimization.
  • Improve existing content and fill content gaps.
  • Create a content calendar for regular updates and new content.
  • Enhance local SEO efforts, including Google My Business and local citations.
  • Ensure all on-page elements are optimized (meta tags, headers, images).
  • Implement a backlink strategy to acquire high-quality links.
  • Regularly monitor analytics and search console data.
  • Adjust strategies based on performance data.
  • Improve site usability and user experience.
  • Ensure the site is fully responsive and user-friendly.
  • Continuously update the site with fresh, relevant content.
  • Stay updated with the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates.
SEO Programs Disclaimer and Terms
The points outlined in all plans are guidelines. While we normally pursue all and even more, we do not guarantee to do it all. It is all based on relevance and the decision of the SEO team lead. It is important to note before moving forward on any of the plans that websites might be limited by their CMS system, hosting type including volume, CPU, memory capacity, and more. Also, search engines are based on unpublished algorithms. Thus, we do not guarantee and cannot guarantee any success resulting in web traffic, keyword positioning change, and more. Any unforeseen changes with bots crawling, search engines systems, and the website hosting environment may influence the status of the website in many ways and in an unpredictable way. Clients acknowledge when using this page and ordering any SEO, maintenance, or content plans that they accept this disclaimer and terms.
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